Android device tracker entity not merging with person.yaml

Hi. I am running v0.105.3 with the Android companion app. I noticed today on Map view that I had a separate “avatar” showing up for the device tracker that was created when I connected the app. My tracking is based on identities defined in my person.yaml file. I’ve added the new device tracker to my preferred “person” in my yaml file, so why is it appearing on map separately?

Little help please? Ta

I’m having the interrogation. Did you find something?

The map shows all device trackers that are not home and have GPS location.

Hi and thanks for the reply!
Is that normal behaviour in the HA ecosystem. I thought persons was meant to gather different trackers as one? You can appreciate we now have a duplicate entity showing on map. Would be a shame to disable the mobile_app tracker to avoid the duplicates showing.

Person was meant so you only have 1 entity to track for automation purposes. The map itself is meant for all devices with GPS

I think you will benefit more from using the Lovelace card for map, so you can hide certain entities that way:


Good suggestion. Thanks kindly!!

Thank you !

I also thought that the “person” entity was able to hide the device tracker. Knowing that, I’ll go with the Map Card too.

Do you think it could be useful for other too to add a note in the map documentation with your answer ?

Well here are the official docs on the person integration, I think its pretty straight forward. The map docs mention it displays all device trackers and links to it.

If you feel that a note should be added you can click on the “Edit this page in Github” link at the top to make any edits you feel are necessary

I might start a suggestion on the forum asking for more user configs in map. The ability to hide a tracker would probably be of benefit seeing as the push seems to be to tie multiple trackers into persons. I’d certainly miss the real estate you would lose viewing map on a card - I like it when launced from the side panel.