Android Home Assistant app location only

To track my son (if he arrived at school etc) I decided to install the HA companion app.
This is easy and no cloud servers involved.
But, the downside is now he is able to access my Lovelace dashboards and is able to toggle light switches and so on when he is having a lunch break.
Is it possible to deny access to the Lovelace dashboards so the app is basically only being used for the sensor part of it ?

there is an existing feature request for it, other than that there might be some custom cards you can leverage to lock things in the mean time

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Is this not possible by creating another user and a dashboard with it, specifically for him?

Isn’t that what the active toggle in the app is for?

Admin/Users don’t work as you expect it would. An option for now, if there is no need for him to access the app, depending on the phone you can hide the app. He would still be able to access it, but would be intentional and not from accidentally opening it.

Unfortunately this phone is a Sony Xperia phone and is running a Sony tailored version of Android. I didn’t find any option to hide the app. Still, thanks for the suggestion.

Nudging this up a bit; I was also looking for exactly this. I would like to use my sons phone as sensor, to know when he’s home, when he’s sleeping (also known as: not using phone) to set light scenes, open/close sun screens etc.
Same with my GF.
I do not want them to mess with any of the important stuff though, and I do not want my son (or anyone else on his phone) to be able to operate stuff in my house when he’s not home.

Some RBAC would be a great addition to the app I think :slight_smile:


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I have done this in the past by just setting my wife and I up as administrators and then making all the dashboards I don’t want the kids into admin only.

There’s also the visible configuration option.

You can use the Owntracks app and integration. The other users can continue to use the Home Assistant app for their location. If you don’t want to use Google Play Services you can use the NextTracks app with the Owntracks integration.

OwnTracks is a free and open source application for iOS and Android that allow you to track your location and send it directly to Home Assistant.