Android ip webcam not streaming

I have setup the android ip webcam and i can see the image from the camera, but it is not working as a live stream. the image updates every 10 seconds only. can i use the android ip webcam as live video?

click on the image and it will expand to a live window :slight_smile:

When i click on the image, it doesn’t show anything, status mentioned is ‘idle’. Any idea why?

It should expand to a live image window, but the status is always idle, I have no idea why.

It might help if you can paste your config (just the relevant portion) in here along with what version of HA you are using and what install method you used and what phone/tablet you are using along with the android version?

below is my config:


  • host:
    scan_interval: 10
    name: android Camera

I am running the latest 0.57.3 of HA running on raspberry pi 3 and HA installed in a python virtual environment.
I am testing with my Galaxy note 5 using the main camera. i tried to reduce the resolution and i also changed the video format to mp4 in the video preferences.
sometimes when i click on the image i get a expanded image but it is still ‘still’ and i don’t get a live video
how can i troubleshoot this?

Your config should look like …

- platform: ffmpeg
  name: S4Zoom_Camera_Livingroom  

Mine is the same setup as yours HA 0.57.3 in VE, my phone is a Samsung S4 Zoom. I think you need the platform for video and you need a port, plus you need to ask ip_cam for a video not a still and send the user and password.