Android Kiosk recommendation?

Any recommended android kiosk app for use with HADashboard? Possibly with motion sensor for turning on the screen etc

This one looks pretty nice. Haven’t tried it yet, but planning on implementing this very soon (once I have figured out how to mount the tablets to my walls)

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I’m using this app for a couple of days now, it works.
The wake up by camera doesn’t work with my tablet (amazon fire), but i don’t miss it.
Does what it says, a kiosk for a webpage.

I’m working on a bunch of the development right now, and we are sorting out the camera issue currently as it seems to work for some tablets and not others

Which fire do you have? I have a fire hd 6 and the camera wake works on both fireos and with cyanogenmod

I’m using the ‘el cheapo’ fire tablet 5th gen.

Gotcha. When it doesn’t work – is it that the screen never comes on, or its stuck on a lock screen?

The screen never comes on. I’ve tried it several times but no succes (thank god the curtain where closed while I was dancing in front of the tablet :smile:)
The feature isn’t a showstopper for me so I haven’t payed much attention to it.

Haha ok. That’s the bug being worked on right now. Interesting it works on my one generation back fire and not a newer one. At this point the discovery was different hardware reports features inconsistently. Eg, some hardware doesn’t consider a front camera to actually be a camera. Fun times.