Android Notification channel not creating

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Hi all!

I’ve been using Home assistant for a couple of years now, and the official Android app since launch.

I’ve not had many issues, but one that’s been bugging me forever is that every time I’ve tried to get the notification channels working it will not create them.

I’ve been back over the documentation multiple times, pulling out the different examples (I’ve tried both the channel name in quotes and without, as two different pages show with and without)

In fact in my latest testing I couldn’t get any of the extra values in data to do anything!
The following is what I’ve been sending (I know create_channel doesn’t do anything, but makes it easy to swap back to remove_channel):

service: notify.mobile_app_pixel_3a
  message: "create_channel"
    vibrationPattern: '100, 1000, 100, 1000, 100'
    channel: "SkipDND"
    importance: high
    color: red
    group: skipdnd

Any advice welcomed!


So the above copied and works properly.
Vibration, color red, channel is also created.
Android 11

check basic troubleshooting steps in the documentation if things are amiss.

Hi @dshokouhi ,

Whilst trying to work out what’s wrong I found several different bits of documentation (which at times had contradictions), can you point me in the direction of the right place to start debugging this?