Android Notification Icon

I love the customization of push notifications on the android app but am not sure if I am missing something or not. Shouldn’t the icon setting change the notification icon up at the top of the phone in the notification bar? Whenever I set a custom notification icon, it still shows the home assistant icon in the notification bar and you don’t see the custom icon until you expand the drawer and look to the right of the notification itself. I would think it would make a lot more sense if the actual icon was used up in the notification bar much like it is when you set a custom notification for Join notifications. This is really the only thing that is keeping me from switching from using Join notifications versus native push notifications in the home assistant companion app.


Bumping this, as the companion docs now say to do the below, but this does not work for me on Android 12?

Has anyone got this to work?

service: notify.mobile_app_[device name]
  title: "Cellphone icon"
  message: "This will show a cellphone icon in the status bar"
    notification_icon: "mdi:cellphone"

you have to be on the latest beta version, wait for tonights paly store update or get the one on github

OK, thanks. Sorry, didn’t realise it was THAT new! :slight_smile:

Don’t want to start new topic so I am asking here.

Does this work only with mdi? I was trying some custom icons and they are not working eventhoug in lovelace they do.