Android Tablet and Fully Kiosk Browser Automations


I was wonderring if it is possible to add a Tablet running Fully Kiosk Browser as a entity?
My goal here is to turn on the screen through an automation.

An example could be that something triggers my motions sensors outside and then the Tablet should turn on the Screen showing my Alarm Panel with Camera feeds.
Another one could be that when entering a room, the tablet then turns on and keeps on if motion is continues to be registered.


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Not quite what you are asking but hope it helps.

I have my tablet plugged in to a wifi controlled plug and use an automation to turn the plug on or off.

On the Android tablet I use the Tasker app to bypass the lock screen and launch Fully Kiosk when power is detected (turn on the plug) and turns off the screen when power is removed (turn off the plug).

I have an automation to turn the plug on when motion is detected and turn off the plug when no motion detected for a set time, but only when someone is home. So when I enter the room the tablet comes on with Fully Kiosk showing my HA Lovelace and goes off again when I leave.


I think you want this: I guess you need to pay for the “plus” version to get this working.

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clyra, that is so much better than my method and can do so much more. I had not heard about this, thank you for sharing.

I have just set it up and it works with the non plus version of Fully Kiosk but puts the “Plus Features Activated” text on the screen until you purchase a key.

Yoinkz, this does exactly what you were asking for and more.

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There’s another option: You can control it with mqtt. very nice too.

I will try to see if I can figure out how to do this :blush:


I got it up and running. Now I can start fiddling around with the automations.
So far I got one that turns on the screen and turns off the screensaver - works like a charm.

Does anybody now if it is possible to open up a Cam feed, just like you do if you do the tab_action on a Camera. Right now I fire an url that opens the dashboard where I got my cameras, but I don’t live stream on that board, I just show the picture that updates every 10 second - and then I will have to do a tab action in order to open a “pop-up” where it shows the live feed.

Does it somehow make sense what I try to achieve?