Android Tablet with Fully Kiosk as Alarm Siren Player?

Hi Community,

I’m hoping to integrate my tablet into HA and then use it as a media player client to initiate triggered alarm siren through bluetooth speakers throughout the house. I’ve installed the “Home Assistant” android app, but it doesn’t create a media_player entity and doesn’t seem to keep data refreshed. I’m considering trying ADB debugging approach, but don’t really know if there are any side effects.

Also, as my title/subject states I’m running Fully Kiosk Browser, which works great and has a published API which possibly could make a nice integration with HA.

if you have any suggestions, please chime in.

Oh yeah, thought I’d share my tablet dashboard

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What tablet are you using?

It is a Lenovo Tab M10 FHD Plus. I got it mainly because of the screen resolution of 1920x1200 px. It shows most of my dashboard. There’s currently about a 1 inch scroll up showing my fans.

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I don’t think it will work because it will shove the app to the background, but you could install Kodi on the tablet and then it will show up as a media player in HA (there may be a way to still get audio without displaying the video).
I did not do this on a tablet but I did make my own media player speaker with a usb speaker and a Raspberry Pi, and that works great with my Mary TTS container.

Thanks @GlennHA, I read a thread earlier where someone had made the same suggestion. Yes, I believe that is one option, but I don’t want to tax the tablet resources.

After posting my question, I continued to search for answers and believe I’ve found the solution; browser_mod. It literally integrates the web browser as a media player and lots more. I’m reading up on it now. It looks like it will even allow me to better manage dashboard real estate. I will follow-up with my findings.

@TechBrain64 Try browser-mod. It will expose your tablet as a media_player entity, and you will be able to play any music file you want.
I am using it myself on my wall tablet to make tts announcements or play mp3 files when various timers run out.

Also, since you’ve talked about suggestions…

Fully kiosk can provide a live feed from your tablet’s camera. I enable this feature every time my alarm gets armed, so that i can have a face snapshot of someone that would potentially try to mess with the tablet.

The ip of the feed would be similar to http://192.168.*.*:2323/?cmd=getCamshot&password=*** which you can implement into HA use the generic_camera component.

In order for Fully kiosk to capture the camera feed you need to enable motion detection with the following command

curl -X GET "http://192.168.*.*:2323/?cmd=setBooleanSetting&key=motionDetection&value=true&password=***"

After installing/configuring “browser_mod” integration here is my impression. As stated it does enable a media_player entity for my tablet and laptop. However, after a routine HA reboot or tablet goes to sleep all the media_players/sensors disappear until the devices browser are refreshed. The author of browser_mod denotes this fact in his FAQ and suggest using “force_stay_awake: true” in configuration. I’ve done so and still getting sporadic results.

@TechBrain64 What i’ve done to get around this issue is to wake the tablet and/or refresh the browser before casting anything.

curl -X GET "http://192.168.*.*:2323/?cmd=screenOn&password=***"
curl -X GET "http://192.168.*.*:2323/?cmd=loadStartUrl&password=***"

It adds a 2-3 second delay, but after the Fully kiosk refreshes the page, the browser mod entities instantly become available.

Apart from that, I literally can’t imagine using home assistant whithout browser mod.
Every single card in my lovelace links to a new pop-up card (browser_mod.popup). Also, my entrance camera popups on the tablet screen whenever there is motion. So, have a look at its other uses, besides the media player.


How exactly can I play media through the fully Kiosk media_player?
I’m able to get TTS through, but I fail with

Based on install comprising latest version of the Fully Kiosk Integration (as at 17 March 2023), HA 2023.3.3 AND no installation of browser_mod, the following works for me on my old Samsung Galaxy Tab S SM-T800 (flashed with Lineage 14.1 = Android 7.1.2) running Fully Kiosk 1.5:

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.sm_t800
  media_content_type: audio/x-wav

Note, I originally used the GUI to set up the script but it got it wrong. I had to edit in yaml to the above to get it to work.

Does it work reliably? I can’t make it work no matter what I do. The following is the log from fully kiosk side:

04-18 07:22:31.697  7095 18983 I ExoPlayerWrapper: uri is  type is 3
04-18 07:22:31.698  7095 18983 I ExoPlayerWrapper: isSupportFormat is false
04-18 07:22:31.698  7095 18983 V MediaHTTPService: MediaHTTPService( Cookies: null
04-18 07:22:31.708  7095 18983 W MediaPlayer: Use of stream types is deprecated for operations other than volume control
04-18 07:22:31.709  7095 18983 W MediaPlayer: See the documentation of setAudioStreamType() for what to use instead with to qualify your playback use case
04-18 07:22:31.713  7095 23546 V MediaHTTPService: makeHTTPConnection: CookieHandler ( exists.
04-18 07:22:31.713  7095 23546 V MediaHTTPService: makeHTTPConnection( cookieHandler: Cookies: null
04-18 07:22:31.868  7095  7095 I MediaPlayer: [exo-MEDIA_PLAYBACK_COMPLETE]-receive
04-18 07:22:31.900  7095  7095 V MediaPlayer: resetDrmState:  mDrmInfo=null mDrmProvisioningThread=null mPrepareDrmInProgress=false mActiveDrmScheme=false
04-18 07:22:31.900  7095  7095 V MediaPlayer: cleanDrmObj: mDrmObj=null mDrmSessionId=null
04-18 07:22:32.086  7095  7104 W System  : A resource failed to call end. 
04-18 07:22:35.005  7095 18983 D ConnectivityManager: getMobileDataEnabled()- remote exception retVal=false

and this is the automation trigger config in HA side:

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.c319
  media_content_type: audio/x-wav

HA ver : 2023.3.6
Fully kiosk ver: 1.50.1
Android ver : 9
Webview ver: 70.0.3538.110

PS. I have my media files in the media folder under www and i can access them remotely (even from fully kiosk)