Android TV Frigate Live Camera Stream Notification

I would like to stream my RTMP live camera (that I got from Frigate) to my Android TV within a Notification. Is this possible?
I’m able to send a snapshot of the camera that identified an object, but a live stream would be amazing.

Currently, while using VLC, I can watch the live feed at rtmp://<frigate_host>/live/<camera_name> but when I try to send it to the TV it goes blank with only the text being shown.
This is my code from Node-red:

    "message": "A {{payload.after.label}} was detected on the {{}}",
    "data": {
        "fontsize": "large",
        "duration": 8,
        "transparency": "100%",
        "file": {
            "url": "rtmp://<frigate_host>/live/<camera_name>"
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