Android TV hell

Hi there

I’m trying for a while to connect my Mi box 4 Android TV to HA using the Android TV integration.

First I’m using the configuration.yaml file to set it as a new entity


and then, after a restart I’m notified about a new device discoverd and the Android TV integration pops-up, and as I’m triying to configure it I get a “Failed to connect” error message.

What the hell is going on hereand how it can be fixed?


Did you review ADB Troubleshooting?

When it failed to connect for me, it was because of item #4:

Screenshot from 2022-02-05 11-05-25

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Try to disable and reenable ADB in your Android TV device. It worked in my case.

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I havn’t to any kind of approvmnet dialog

I geve it a try, nut it didn’t worked

any new ? for android tv?

Is USB Debugging enabled on your MiBox android device?
Find “Build” in your android options and click it several (7 I think?) times. As you’re clicking it you should see it tell you how many more clicks until you’re a developer. Once you’ve enabled that, you should have a new menu called developer options. Go into there and enable USB Debugging.

Then try to set up the integration using your MiBox IP, auto, and leave ports as they are by default in the integration setup. You’re failing because the port is not being opened to listen for the connection without debugging being enabled. As Tars said, once the port is open/listening you’ll see the ADB connection pop up on your Mibox when you attempt to connect with the integration. You must approve this and you should be all set after that.

Just did my Hisense U6G last night with this. I did not need to do anything in the configuration.yaml file in order for it to create the entity. The integration took care of everything after i enabled USB debugging.


This helped me. Thank you

Thank you! I would never thought about it. Save me tons of time

For everyone that has problems go and try the new integration Android TV remote that was announced with the 2023.5 release.

Works beautifully and you don’t need ADB. even replaces the actual remote. So you have this remote on your dashboard that is as fast as the hardware remote

They talk about it during the release livestream