Android TV Integration detected, but where?

I am getting a notification that Android TV has been discovered. I have set up all of my Chromecast w/ google TVs. I’m not aware of any more android TVs unless it is identifying my smart-TVs (which already are integrated through the LG/Sony integrations).

There is no way I can find to ignore this notification so I figured I’d set it up and disable it. But when I try to set up the integration, it asks me for the device IP and I have no idea what device it found! Is there a way to identify the device IP that is triggering discovery of the integration?

I have the same issue. I can’t work out what device is being picked up either.

Are you on some form of shared wifi network (e.g. apartment building)? Potentially it is someone else on the same network.

No. It’s private and locked down.

Similar issue here. I have two Nvidia Shield TVs. They are both connected with the Android TV integration and also the Notifications for Android TV custom components. Both Shield TVs are repeatedly (re)discovered, despite already being set up. I’m not able to ignore them.

I also have a Shield at a vacation flat. It does not get repeatedly discovered. All of the Shields are on Android 11/Shield Experience 9. I’m unsure when the discovery issue started, but the fact that the Shield at the flat doesn’t get repeatedly discovered makes me think that it is unrelated to Android 11, even though there is a current alert for the integration re Android 11.

The only real difference I can think of is the network/router or a setting in there. I recently upgraded my home network to Unifi Dream Machine and Unifi APs. The flat has a TP-Link router.

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Well, I may have solved it on my side. I doublechecked and I still had old configs for both the Android TV and the Notifications for Android TV in configuration.yaml. I removed those configs, and not the rediscovery appears to have stopped.


I was about to say the same. I found an old yaml entry that was triggering this. What is the best way to maybe mention this issue to the developer of the integration? I still think it would be helpful if there was a place you could identify at least the IP of the device triggering discovery and ignore the integration.

This did it for me too! Ty

my first thought was also “network” related causes, specially if the tv’s are on wifi, but also that tv’s tend to be shut down for "longer period, day or 2 :slight_smile: ", and when you then have an “entity/device(the tv)” that you most likely have renamed, due to the routers “report-name”, then HA see’s this “New” device reporting from the router … i might be wrong, haven’t annoyed so much yet , but im getting a new android tv, end of month … on the other hand i have Tuya device that a few times have popped up (the Tuya integration that i dont use ) as “new”, thou it’s working and integrated in local-tuya :laughing: