Android TV itegration & Google Assistant


I added my Philips TV (55PUS7504) via AndroidTV integration. It works fine, I see it in Google Assistant. In Google Home app when I click on my TV I can use my phone as a remote control, but I am not able to ask Google Assistant to turn on/off or switch source. I even get confirmation that “OK. Turning Philips TV on”. Anyone knows what can be the problem?

Also it would be good somehow detect TV state (on/off).

I was trying to turn off my bedroom lamp using alexa. It respond the same as your google assistant but it didn’t turn off the lamp. After few months I realized that I renamed my lamp because when I called it to turn off lamp it just respond OK and did nothing.
Using correct name for it it work flawlessly. :upside_down_face:
It can be something simple as using wrong name for it or maybe try renaming device to something simpler, or something else.