Android TV only showing as Off or playing


I have a problem with automation because both my android TVs are reporting as off. Only after starting a video ( YouTube, Plex) they switch to state: “playing” .

Why don’t they switch to state “on” after switching on?


I have a Projector in my room that I switch via sonoff ( I don’t have a remote) and it works perfectly, but I would like to create an automation where the moment I turn on the Android TV box that is connected to the projector the screen roling down and the projector ( sonoff) turns on at the same time.

I have set up the automation but it doesn’t start because the TV box is still in the “off” state for Home Assistant. If I set the trigger to “playing” , then the automation works, but this is wrong because I am up to that point with the projector off and have to turn on YouTube after the blind.

I tried on Minix and nVidia SHIELD the result is the same :frowning: . It’s like there is only Off and Playing mode. I’m a beginner and I’m learning, so sorry for the stupid questions.

My English is not the best either. Thank you very much for your help. I have searched many posts and spent and entire night on this. Unfortunately with no result.

Thank you

I’m in the same situation, still looking for a fix

You can add android tv remote integration and use the state of that device as trigger for your automation for ex when the shield its on or off