Android TV polling interval config

I see from the logs that the Android TV integration polls the device every 10 seconds. For me it seems like overkill (it’s not that important for me to get almost realtime state updates), and I’m worried about the performance impact it has on the device (my Android TV is already slow enough).

It would be really useful if the polling interval could be specified in the config.

While it’s not mentioned in the docs for every integration, it is actually possible to specify a custom scan interval for some polling-based integrations:

Not sure if the Android TV integration is supported, but it’s worth a shot.

Thanks, I completely forgot this option exists! It seems to be working based on the frequency of my logs.

Hi, I really dug into the documentation and tried to understand how and where to configure the scan_interval. Could you please share the YAML and where you put it? This would help me a lot.