Android TV Remote - Sending Text?

According to this file which is linked in the Android TV Remote integration page it should be possible to send letter and special character text keys to Android TVs, but sending these keys does nothing! Is something broken with the integration or underlying library used, or am I just doing something wrong?

For reference here is the command I’m sending. The KEYCODE_ part of the command seems to be optional as other commands work with or without it.

service: remote.send_command
  command: KEYCODE_C
  entity_id: remote.lounge_google_tv

Most of the key codes don’t work. In a pending PR I’m removing that link to avoid confusion. The API used supports sending text, similar to how the Google TV or Google Home mobile apps can, but it hasn’t been reverse engineered thus not supported.

That’s unfortunate. I found a workaround using ADB but it isn’t as nice as the Google TV remote typing experience. Thanks for the info!