Android TV Sources List empty

So I am completely new to home assistant. I have got my Fire Tv stick connected but my source list is empty. I have tried to define apps in the code but they do not show up. Also the only button that works is play/pause. Any idea on why this is happening?

below is my code


  - platform: androidtv
    name: Basement
    device_class: androidtv
    adb_server_port: 5037
    apps: "Fire TV"
     com.disney.disneyplus: "Disney Plus"

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After hours of looking for answers I figured out the issue right after posting this.

 device_class: androidtv

should have been

 device_class: firetv

I hope this at least helps someone

I have the same issue with my Firestick but was not solved by the above. Have you a full list of all your apps in the Source list?

I was having a missing Source list or rather only the source that was currently playing would show. I tried removing the device_class as the documentation states that things should auto-detect as well as manually setting it to firetv as I have a Fire TV Cube. As a last-ditch effort, I manually set device_class to androidtv, and after saving and restarting I can see a full source list. That shouldn’t work because again I have a FireTV Cube but it is. Now I need to groom that list as I am getting literally everything including running services so looking back at the docs to limit only apps we use and hide everything else.

I should also add that I am using the Python integration and not running the ADB Server addon. I am configured using Android TV - Home Assistant but have manually set my device_class to androidtv