Android upgrade, HA upgrade, Location sometimes changes while home?

I’m guessing its a mobile app thing, not sure.

I had a Pixel 6 Pro, ran HA fine from there, no problems. I have an august lock, and have HA do a geolocation to unlock my door from my driveway, very close, and it almost always works. Always being maybe once every 3 weeks or so it doesn’t detect me fast enough in the driveway, I unlock from the phone before HA detects me home while standing at the door. All of this has worked well for months, until now.
A couple months ago, and around the same time as an HA upgrade, I upgraded to a Pixel 7 Pro. I did the automated upgrade, logged into HA, no problems getting to it. I changed a couple of sensor names from pixel 6 to pixel 7, but that’s it. (notify automations, etc).

Now, here’s my dilemma: While I’m sitting at home, at random times, and only once during the several hours I am home and awake, my august door will just unlock itself. August auto-unlock is turned off, HA does it all.
Looking into the log, it says I remotely unlocked the lock. I did not. The phone could be on the table. The log says I arrived home. However, I’ve been home for at least a couple hours or more, up to half a day, and this happens. Basically, my location is triggered by me arriving home, even if I had arrived home hours ago, or a few hours after I’ve woken up, but never left.
The trackers on my phone seem to work normally, like I have an automation that detects a window open, and if my ambient weather sensor detects rain, it sends me a notification. This works well all the time too.
Anyone have anything similar happen?
And any advice concerning possibly totally uninstalling HA from my phone and then reinstalling?

Usually best to start with these steps and if that doesn’t work continue to the logs. A lot of data gets printed to the Companion App logs to help in troubleshooting location issues.