Android WearOS app login puzzle

I am using samsung galaxy watch (WearOS) with android companion app (on my samsung phone). I understand that wearOS app connects to android phone companion app using bluetooth. Now my android companion app has both internal (wifi) and external URL’s (using tailscale). However the wearOS app requires me to pick only 1 url to login. I am worried that if I choose one (e.g. wifi url) then I won’t be able to use the home assistant on watch when I am not connected to wifi.

Use the external URL only on wear os. There is no URL switching like there is on the phone.

thanks. when i used external URL then it could not even login. and why would watch which is connecting through phone’s companion app, need a URL in first place ? (apologies if I am assuming wrong. My assumption is wearOS is communicating with Android companion app to get/send all data)

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thats incorrect, the watch is its own device and sends data on its own either through the wear OS bluetooth proxy or wifi directly. the app has no control over that. The companion app just makes some things easier like logging in and managing some settings etc…

Thanks for clarification. I know now.
wouldn’t it be a problem though for wearOS since it only has access to 1 URL ? Android phone companion app automatically switches between internal network or external network based on wifi connection but wearOS would only work either on internal network or external network based on which url it was setup with. or is there a way where it would work for both ?

no, as the watch does not stay connected to Wifi long enough to make it usable

your external URL should work even internally