Android widget from Home assistant component

At the moment I use the climate widget in the web and app:
Widget view
I’d like to have it as a home screen widget on my android phone. At the moment i can get a readonly text widget. How to view the given Web Widget on my android phone.
My fallback solution is an app wich opens the home assistant and parses the html to get the widget. But this is not smooth.

How do I show the web components in an android widget?

You cannot. Google removed using webview components in widgets a while ago. Best to submit a feature request for the app to create it’s own climate widget in this case.

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Even if this topic is a little older, I think my question would fit the context. I can’t find anything related somewhere else and may be I didnt get the architecture right. What I would like to achieve is a widget on the android (or iOS) homescreen which looks like a cover and let me control my garage door without opening the HA app. Is this possible or do I have the same issue as above with the thermostat?
Thanks in advance.

just use the service call widget to toggle the cover, its already possible. The user above wants a specific type of widget as thermostats have mode changes and temp changes. Covers just need to open and close so a simple widget will do.

Thanks for pointing me in that direction. I can open my garage door with a toggle now from my home screen. However, I would like to have the same layout as in lovelace. Something like this:
But I guess this will not be easy, right?

no, Google does not allow WebView widgets. The app would need to build this.