Android widgets and/or quick settings show state of toggle/input_boolean

The android widgets and quick settings toggles are a great feature already, but one improvement would be to show the state of a toggle visually. Currently the toggle widget or QS tile have visual feedback that something is happening when you click them, but return to the same state whether toggling on or off. The state widget can show the state of a toggle but has no touch action other than refreshing. Specifically for toggles/input_booleans, it would be useful to combine that feature set. The state widget for toggles should have a touch action of toggling it, and the QS tile should stay in the alternate icon like the native QS toggles.

quick settings has been updated to reflect the state, regarding the widget we can probably also add some color options for the user to reflect the state. A feature request in the android repo woudl be appropriate for that.