Androidtv.adb_command option not available after enabling android tv in config

  1. I enabled android tv by updating media_player config
  2. I added ADB bridge as add-on and connected using “adb shell”
  3. A basic lovelace card is added to the UI. I can toggle on/off for the TV. But unable to more things such as change source, play something from a specific app (e.g. Netflix)

I don’t see androidtv.adb_command. How do I go about sending adb_commands?

    - platform: androidtv
      host: 192.168.1.xxxx
      name: Living Room TV
      adb_server_port: 5037

Hey did you ever get this working?
I did pretty much the same thing, but I didnt enable the ADB bridge - try to remove everything but the bare necessities and see if that helps.