AndroidTV integration to Nvidia Shield broken after update

Hey y’all.

Just updated my Nvidia Shield to Android 11, and now my AndroidTV integration is bust having worked perfectly for the last couple of years.
No longer detects playing status, or app running.

This is all I get now:

adb_response: null
hdmi_input: null
entity_picture: >-
friendly_name: Shield TV 11
supported_features: 23997
  seconds: 1

Have tried resetting the Shield and also a brand new Home Assistant installation on a spare SD card.
Problem persists.

Anyone encountered this?

This is a known issue. There’s a fix being tested which one user confirmed to work.

Hadn’t seen this at time of writing. :frowning:
Tried exactly that fix last night, and can confirm that it is working! :slight_smile:

Lesson learned though…

Has anyone worked out an easy way to store the state of a shield (on/off) and then have a simple toggle in a Lovelace care to turn it on and off?

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