AndroidTV Integration

Hi all,

I have a Sony A8 OLED TV - I haven’t measured power consumption but I’m pretty sure it’s bad when on standby - it switches on and has network connectivity way too quickly for it to be sat at the quoted 0.5W in standby. I’ve also read online that it’s a problem with these TV’s - they don’t go into deep sleep. If the info I’ve read is correct, it’ll start costing me £7.50 per month come October, without even turning it on!

First instinct is to put it on a smart plug but stupidly I can’t get to the back of it - it’s wall mounted and was a nightmare to get up there so not an option unfortunately. Should have thought about that one!

Reading the info on the HA Android ADB integration, it looks like I can schedule a shut down of the TV with an automation and that will help.

Any tips/guides/gotchas? Guessing I’ll need to manually do a pixel refresh every now and then as it won’t be able to. Also will the remote turn it back on?! Looks fiddly to set up too.


I think if you do a TV shutdown in that manner that you’ll have to turn it back on from the Sony remote.

I have a different Sony model, and there are some options in the TV settings that will allow it to do a deep sleep. I think the settings are mostly the same with newer Sony TVs, so hopefully this will help.

Go to Settings > Network & Internet

  • turn off Remote Start
  • in Home network > IP Control turn off Simple IP control

Those two definitely note that they require more energy usage when the TV is off. But it means you can’t control the TV at all from Home Assistant. Which might not be what you want.

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Thanks - TV shutdown in that manner is exactly what I’m looking for - wondering if it will work. If the Sony remote starts it back up I can blast the same code with HA.

Thanks for the tips also, much appreciated.