AndroidTV Notifications no service

I’m trying to get AndroidTV notifications to work but I can’t get the service to show up. It seems every time I want to do something it’s a battle.

I have the following code in my configuration.yaml file:

  - platform: nfandroidtv
    name: Loungeroom

I have installed the Notifications for Android TV app on my Nvidia Shield and rebooted. The Shield has a static IP Address. I have rebooted the shield and HA.

I would expect at this point to look in to my services in HA and see a new service called notify.loungeroom but it is not there, why?

I have tried rebooting HA multiple times, moving the notify integration around in my configuration.yaml file but can’t get it to work.

Do you get any error messages from Home Assistant during startup?

No, nothing at all in my logs.

Did you get this resolved? I am having same issue. Could you let me know if you found a solution? Cheers

Never mind I found the solution. Once you do a full restart it will work.