Animated Weather Card configuration challenge

Hi all, I wanted to install the Animated Weather Card on my HA. Reading the instructions, the first step is to edit configuration.yaml as follows:

Make sure that under the configuration.yaml file you have the following:
frontend: themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

However, I already have my themes configured:

themes: !include themes.yaml

When I add another themes line, my configuration isn’t accepted. Also adding !include_dir_merge_named themes right underneath isn’t accepted when checking the config.

Does anyone have a nice solution for this? I don’t want to lose my existing themes.yaml.

  • Create a folder themes.
  • Move your themes.yaml to that folder
  • Change your configuration to
  themes: !include_dir_merge_named themes

Now HA reads your themes.yaml and every other <theme>.yaml in that folder, including themes installed with HACS.

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Thanks, that worked. Too bad the rest of the setup is not that easy when wanting to keep the existing theme. I hope the owner will update the documentation to make it easier to understand.

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I was about to give up on the Animated Weather Card, too. I hit the same issue, and had the exact same question. NONE of the documentation I was able to find explained this. VDRainer was able to explain it well in a few words. Why do some developers find it so hard to write clear documentation???

Anyway, now I’m going down a rabbit hole trying to learn all about themes and how they’re related to creating a custom Lovelace card (huh???).

So I wanted to think the OP and VDRainer for at least getting my initial question out of the way. It shouldn’t be this hard!

Although my initial question is solved, still can’t get the Animated Weather card to work with any of my existing themes. I have it set on Backend-Selected because I have a different theme set after sunset.
Anyone got it working with existing themes? I have it in my list as as seperate theme and it works but it has a default blue-white theme which I don’t like.

I don’t understand the instructions on the information page, copy variables… which variables and copy them where?

Manual installation (for existing theme)

1. Download latest release source code
2. Unarchive icons folder into your theme folder
3. Copy variables from animated-weather-card.yaml
4. Check icon paths. /hacsfiles/themes/ is virtual path of /config/themes/ . So for icon placed in /config/themes/you_theme_folder_name/icons/clear-night.svg variable’s path is /hacsfiles/themes/animated-weather-card/icons/clear-night.svg


I don’t understand why the dev of this theme points to theme settings in the profile.
I just applied it to the weather-forecast card and that’s all.

          - type: weather-forecast
            entity: weather.dark_sky
            name: Home
            secondary_info_attribute: humidity
            theme: Animated Weather Card

VDRainer you are fantastic! So simple (once I changed it) :smiley:
Thanks very much!