Animations / Effects like Hue Labs for Z2M Lights

Sorry if this has been covered, but I did search for a while with no luck.

About a year ago, I moved all of my hue light strips from the official hub to Z2M. Everything is faster and far more reliable. The only things I miss are the effects and animations that I could trigger in the hue app. Is there any addon / blueprint / script that can provide similar functionality?

Thank you.

EDIT: And it looks like the key word I was missing is “scenes”. There are more results searching for that. Still, I’ll leave this up in case there is some kind of automation available. I’ve found a bit about manually creating some of the colors, but not much as far as dynamic scenes.

Yeah if do a search in the community for “scenes” (or “scenes AND zigbee”) you will find more tips. Ex:

Thank you!

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Just a heads up from another Hue user (though I haven’t bothered migrating my bulbs yet): Hue bulbs have a slight issue using the scenes made in Home Assistant if you want to use a transition time. I myself have only found it to be an issue in automations that are triggered at a certain time or by the Sun integration (mimicking the Time-Based Light and Sunrise/Sunset functions in the Hue app, but with more control), but it could affect other things. I don’t know if it will affect your strips because I don’t have any.

The issue has been reported here: Scene change ignores transition time · Issue #12540 · home-assistant/frontend · GitHub, but it doesn’t really seem to have been addressed yet.

Some people have worked around this by leaving their bulbs connected to the Hue Bridge and calling the Hue scenes using the services hue.activate_scene or hue.hue_activate_scene. I personally started to use the scene.apply service rather than scene.turn_on because my automations are simple and only fade from one color/brightness to another at a prescribed time of day. It does require you to input the state, brightness, color mode, and color value, though, so it kind of defeats the point of using scenes, at least for my automations.

It’s just a pitfall you might have to watch out for, and one that took me way too long to solve when I encountered it.