Migrate from Philips Hue and having scenes

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays all!

Been doing the HA thing for 2 yrs now and loving it. In the past, I’ve tried to go whole hog with HA and not depend on 3rd party things as much as possible. I tried bringing the Hue lights to Z2M from Hue but when I did, when I asked my Google Home mini to turn on ‘bright’, it ended up turning all rooms with the bright scene. How can I stop this and only set the scene in the current room (instead of telling the GH what room to do it in, even though it’s the same one as the GH is in)? Guess it’s possible since Hue can do it.

I have a Z2M stick in my netbook running HA but it’s interfering with the zigbee network from Hue Bridge, hence why I’m wanting to migrate to one network.

I’m using ZHA now but I don’t think that will make a difference. I think when I tried, I set the scenes to assigned to rooms in the Google Home app but that didn’t help.

I’ve tried finding a solution on the forums/internet but came up empty. Any ideas?

You can try https://diyhue.org/ maybe ? (Havent tried it myself, but from what I have read this may help you solve your problem)

Another possibility is maybe to create scenes in HA, and activate those HA scenes with Google assistant.

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