Anker is launching an Arlo-like camera with local encrypted storage

Anker’s launching a new cam that looks a lot like Arlo Pro with some improvements. Although cloud storage is available, the cameras can store all data locally. Video’s stored encrypted (unlike Arlo). Batteries are supposed to last a long time. They suggest that there’s 3 levels of detection - IR, human pattern-sensing and face-detection.

I like Anker’s battery products. Not sure if they’ll be on top of things about rolling out an API. Should be interesting.

Edit: Since it hit it’s stretch goal, Anker says it will work to integrate Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and IFTTT support.

AWESOME. Just backed this. Taking a risk with it now because:

  1. I’m getting sick and tired of how unreliable my Arlo cameras are.
  2. As the OP pointed out, these folks have done very well with their other products, so I have high hope they’ve done well here.

They announced today that they’ll also be allowing offline viewing of recorded footage via their app (when both are connected via wifi with no internet access).

Got my cameras yesterday, any other backers got theirs?

Doesn’t quite live up to the promises of the campaign yet but I know they are working on a few things.

Hoping someone more intelligent than me is able to integrate these into HA in the future. Maybe when they enable RTSP it can be done?

I’ve been using mine for a few weeks. Pretty happy with it. The software can still be a bit weird, but it’s been dependable. I don’t have it integrated with HA though. It’d be nice to get motion notifications in HA.