Announce garage door opening


Trying to get ECHO to announce when my garage door opens and optionally when it closes.

I bought item like the one listed below using EweLink protocol which will open/close garage with an ECHO command. One relay/channel handles opening and one handles closing of door.

Amazon link

Don’t believe the above item could do it if I am using a remote from within car.

Is this something I can do with HA with some sensor?

I have no zipibee nor zwave hubs but could buy an ECHO PLUS with internal zigibee hub. Don’t want to buy it if it is not necessary as I have 5 ECHOs already.


If you are able to control the garage door via Alexa, you can create an Alexa Routine to announce openings and closings (without Home Assistant’s involvement).


I beleive that works only if opening/closing using an ECHO command from within house.

That won’t work if I use a garage remote from car to open door for entry as ECHO is not involved.


You’re right. So what, if anything, is currently reporting the garage door’s status?

For example, when you press the car’s remote-control causing the door to open, what is being informed of the door’s new state (open)?

If the answer is “nothing” then that’s the first thing we need to remedy.


The only thing is a light circuit that is a proximity switch circuit between door and track. When door is open the light goes on.

I only know if door open if I am in room when light is on. Ideally, I would like it to announce in all rooms that an ECHO resides.


I have a magnetic reed switch connected to a Sonoff SV. The Sonoff performs the open/close function, as well as providing the state of the reed switch for whether the door is open or closed.


- platform: mqtt
  name: "Garage Door"
  device_class: garage
  state_topic: "cmnd/garagestate/POWER2"
  command_topic: "cmnd/sonoff_sv_garage/POWER"
  payload_open: "ON"
  payload_close: "ON"
  payload_stop: "ON"
  state_open: "OFF"
  state_closed: "ON"
  optimistic: false

I use the Alexa Media Player integration and have this set up. Modify to suit your needs.


- alias: Garage Door Open
  initial_state: true
    platform: state
    entity_id: cover.garage_door
    to: "open"
      seconds: 3
    condition: state
    state: "home"
    - service: media_player.volume_set
        entity_id: media_player.lounge
        volume_level: 0.5
    - delay:
        seconds: 2
    - service: notify.alexa_media
        target: media_player.lounge
          type: tts
        message: "The Garage door has opened"

I followed along with THIS.

That’s not exactly what I had in mind when I posed my question. The short answer to my original question is: No.

The first step to meet your goal is to install a sensor that can report the garage door’s state in a way that is compatible with home automation systems. It can be a wireless contact or tilt sensor. There are commercial versions as well as DIY versions. Kanga_who has explained one possible device .

How do you want to proceed with this project?


Yes, assuming I would not need to install a Zwave or Zigibee hub.

I don’t mind buying sensor(s).

Do you have a recommendation?

Also, Jason mentions Alexa Media Player which I am not familiar with.

As you can tell I am new at HA. just installed it yesterday for this purpose.

Then you should consider the Sonoff SV device described in Kanga_who’s post. It operates via Wi-Fi. It requires the use of Home Assistant’s MQTT integration and the Mosquito MQTT Broker Add-on

You will need to install a contact sensor (a magnetic reed switch). Its magnetic half is installed on the door and the other half (with the wires) is installed on the door frame. The wires run to the Sonoff SV (which must be powered by the mains).

If all of this sounds daunting, you may want to consider the Garadget. It uses a laser sensor to detect the garage door’s state. All you need to do is attach a self-adhesive reflective disk to the door (laser target).

The Garadget provides complete control of the door (including remote-access) and can report the door’s status to Home Assistant via MQTT or the Garadget integration. It also has an Alexa skill which means it’s controllable via Alexa. It also implies that Alexa is aware of the door’s state which means you can use a routine to have Alexa report openings/closings.


Full Disclosure: I have never used Garadget so I cannot provide any testimonials for its performance, reliability, etc. I only mention it because it appears to be an easier way to get what you want.


As I am new, it will take me a while I am sure. I need to get more familiar with HA starting tomorrow.

The switch (magnetic from Radio shack) I am already using to drive the indicator light.

What do you mean “powered by the mains” ?

Also, the Sonoff SV at seems to indicate it is used to turn switch off/on. Can it work in reverse where it gives the state of switch? Or, does HA altering how it is used?

I will order a few switches as I can see other uses for it.

Thanks, flowersrj

The Sonoff will need to be powered in some way. Being a low voltage device, it can be powered directly off your existing garage door motor.

The set up works like this.

The Sonoff does the same job as a wired push button (open/close) switch you most likely have on the wall of your garage. When the Sonoff is triggered, the relay closes, in the same way pushing a wired button would and activates your garage door motor, therefore opening/closing the door.

To get the current position of the door (open or closed) you connect a wired magnetic reed switch to the GPIO pins of the Sonoff. When the magnets separate, the door will show as open in HA, when the magnets are together the door will show as closed in HA.

Have a watch of the video I linked above to see how it works. It’s a reasonably simple set up.

I have found this to be a very reliable and very cheap solution. If you re not much of a tinkerer, then maybe an off the shelf solution would be better suited.


I am having trouble with alexa_media_player integration.

Unable to get it to work for multiple ECHOs