Announcement: AppDeamon Release 4.0.2

This is an emergency patch to fix an issue with leap years. PyPi is now updated and docker hub should be built shortly.

Not an expert on but I believe it should update automatically at some point with the fix then will require a reinstall - hopefully @frenck or someone else knowledgeable can comment on that.

4.0.2 (2020-02-28)




  • Fixed a critical bug that cause ,ultiple scheduler errors during a leap year - contributed by Chad McCune <>__

Breaking Changes




A bug that only occurs once every 4 years and will soon disappear. Thanks for fixing it!

I can’t see a 4.0.2 tag in docker hub. There is a latest, but is that a 4x latest?

latest should work for now, it will soon be 4.0.3 - for some reason my tag builds aren;t firing, I’ll look into that.