Announcement: HADashboard v1.7.3

I finally got around to adding cover support so we can migrate our old garage configs to the new cover component.

While I was at it I added location text to device trackers to better support the new iPhone App that @robbiet480 has been hard at work on.

I’d also like to give a shout out to @jwl173305361 who submitted a pull request for the cover device just about an hour after I had finished coding mine and started testing!

Version 1.7.3

  • Add cover widget
  • Garage widget is deprecated in favor of the cover widget and will be removed at some point
  • Add location text to device_tracker widget
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What’s the location text look like and what attribute are you pulling from for it?

Previously I had different icons and colors for home and away, now I am also displaying the state attribute to show where a person is if they are inside one of the geofences - I have been using Locative up until now, so no locations apart from home and not_home, now I am testing your App and wanting to include the more complete presence data it generates.

Here is an example: