Announcement: New AppDaemon Repository

Hi All,

The observant among you may have noticed that yesterday the AppDaemon repository was moved from under the Home Assistant organization to a brand new AppDaemon organization. What does this mean? Well, not anything particularly important. As Home Assistant has grown and matured, it has turned an eye towards streamlining its repositories to reflect that new focus.

AppDaemon, while popular, and I hope useful to many people, is not affiliated with the Home Assistant in any way. The move made years ago, from my personal GitHub account to the Home Assistant organization, was done to reflect the fact that they work well together, as the user base for AppDaemon was primarily composed of Home Assistant users.

Several years later, Home Assistant matured, and as AppDaemon has expanded to support other home automation frameworks, such as native support for MQTT. After some discussion, we mutually agreed that separating AppDaemon from the Home Assistant organization made sense for both projects, and that is what happened yesterday.

As a committed user of Home Assistant myself, I don’t expect anything to change. I still run my smart home with a combination of AppDaemon and Home Assistant and expect to do so for the foreseeable future. AppDaemon will remain tightly coupled with Home Assistant, just as it always has been.

The repository move should be transparent, as the old links will redirect to the new one. For those of you that want to take a look, the official AppDaemon organization is here:

And a reminder that we have our own Discord server here:

I’ll finish by saying that there will hopefully be a new AppDaemon release very soon, which will, among other things, work more graciously with the recent Home Assistant startup changes that went in in 0.111 and 0.112.

Happy Automating everyone!



Congratulations on the brand new home :house_with_garden: AppDaemon team!

I think this is a good and solid move for the future of both projects and gives the AppDaemon team room to expand their horizons as well.