Announcing MQTT/Android bridging app: Zanzito. Beta testers wanted!

You could activate Vocal commands, then in your Android preferences allow for full notification contents on lock screen: this way you have the “Mic” button available in Zanzito’s notification even with the locked screen.

Got it. Thanks.

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I used this and it worked perfectly

  - service: notify.claudio_zanzito
      message: 'Closet light is ON for more than 5 minutes'

what is the difference between a text message and an alarm?

Good question :slight_smile:
It’s an Android subtlety but it’s important: an alarm goes on forever until you stop it, all other notifications just play a sound (if told to do so). Also, in Zanzito you can override Android’s “silent” mode, so that the alarm is played anyway.

I have a script in my HA that dynamically sets a wake up alarm accordingly to various factors (mainly taken from my google calendar) and then fires an alarm to Zanzito when it’s time to wake up: with my phone in silent mode for night, the alarm plays anyway.

If you sent a notification with alarm, it will turn on the alarm sound in the targeted device (as per your setting in the zanzito app in your phone).

well that’s a good point an alarm for the important tasks and a text message for the less important.

I would do an alarm if a smoke detector goes off. And a text message if the postman left something in the letter box

good example. another possible example is as alarm siren when there is an intruder detected. it may not be as loud as a real siren but i can make every android devices sound the alarm at the same time.

come to think of it, it is most probably not a good idea because i cannot stop the alarm remotely.

if you have an intruder, let it ring …


Now it would be good to have zanzito work on SSL/TLS. I still cannot figure how to.

Would be nice a guide for people having letsencrypt, since a lot of HAS installation are with the letsencrypt/duckdns installation

Actually, with Zanzito you can :wink:
just send:

zanzito/<your-device-name>/alarm/stop <empty-payload>

EDIT: I had completely forgotten about this, but with the notifier component you also have:

To stop an ongoing alarm:

  - service: notify.my_device
      message: ''
        alarm: 'off'
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actually zanzito is just an MQTT client. It doesn’t matter if you have SSL on your HA or not. As long as it can connect to your MQTT broker, you are fine.

well, I rephrase it, how to connect to your mqtt broker from outside your network?

I have a standard case:
HASSBIAN with embeded mosquitto, letsencrypt+duckdns

I am using VPN.

well that’s another project I have in mind. Now I installed pi-hole to have my own DNS server, now I want to have my DHCP server, and also VPN … but I think is very complicate

I am using Asus RT-AC68U router that support VPN server.

I will try on my asus 55U.
WHich VPN client are you using (for android and windows)?

Very helpful addition to both Zanzito and HASS. First tests ran and no issues yet.
Also copied the file to my ‘\home assistant\custom_components\notify’ folder.
Much easier to setup, as I use the HASSBIAN image and have HASS running in a virtual ENV.

If someone still want to put the file in the ‘/custom_components/notify/’ folder, for HASSBIAN you can do it this way:

  • copy to the ‘/home/pi’ folder on your RaspberryPi (use WinSCP if you do not have a Samba share setup)
  • logon to your PI as your standard user (pi) and run the following commands:

sudo cp /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.4/site-packages/homeassistant/components/notify/

sudo chown homeassistant:homeassistant /srv/homeassistant/lib/python3.4/site-packages/homeassistant/components/notify/

One question though, is it possible to have Zanzito show the image in a notification when it is received?
I now see the notification popping up on my screen (it turns the screen on ok, when needed). But I then have to click on it and unlock my phone to have it shown. It would be very helpful for my use case (doorbell with camera) to have the picture in view as soon as the doorbell rings.

As I mentioned before, I also use a Telegram notification bot. When a notification is received on that notification platform, Telegram shows also the picture in the notification on screen (even when my screen was turned off and my phone locked).

I checked the Android notification settings for both apps and they are the same.

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I have created hundreds of Zanzito Activities in my phone. What is the fastest/easiest way to copy the activities to another device?

I can see there is a topic known as zanzito/[device name]/lastprefs which is really long. I have tried publish to zanzito/[new device name]/lastprefs using the same payload but nothing is carried over to new device.

Please advice. Thanks.

I’m only using android and this is the app I am using; OpenVPN Connect.

I think I can’t use this, since I have letsencrypt. I am back at base, trying to find solution