Annual month of WTH?

Not sure if this is the category, but you know, it’s kind of related to development/developers :slight_smile: (could also be feature request?)

I know there was some talk about returning in 2021, and there seemed to be an agreement that it was a good idea. But unless I completely missed it, it never happened?

I get that it can’t be all the time, but I really think an annual month of WTH would be really useful. One year is long enough that there are many new things to focus on. Maybe not as many as in 2019;t the first time is always special. But that doesn’t mean other times can’t be great.

So, any possibility of making this an annual event?

there are many things happening nowadays (streamlining, announcements of removal of GPIO integrations, some zigbee issues in HASSOS), this was probably skipped :slight_smile: