Another Blueprint for Lutron 5 button Pico with press and hold for dimming function

This blueprint allows for the association of up to four Lutron Pico 5 Button (model PJ2-3BRL-GXX-X01) remotes with one or more light entities. It is designed to simulate the operation of a standard Lutron Caseta wall dimmer including the press and hold functionality for the raise/lower buttons. It allows for the control over the on/off transition times, brightness step percentage and transition time, and the assignment of action(s) to the middle button.

PLEASE NOTE: The ability to accept more than 1 Pico device required the use of the trigger “enabled” config variable which, in turn, required the use of Boolean input elements. It is a know HA issue the Boolean input toggles cannot be updated once an automation is created from a Blueprint. You have two choices once you save the automation and then want to adjust the number of Picos associated with an entity: (1) delete the automation and recreate it (recommended) or (2) manually edit the automation.yaml file.


This is my first share…input is welcome.

Open your Home Assistant instance and show the blueprint import dialog with a specific blueprint pre-filled.


This is great, and very timely for me! I use hubitat for ZigBee and Zwave devices and I’m moving my lutron integration from hubitat to HA. This was so easy to setup and works wonderfully. Now if I could make a request… I’d like to be able to setup separate targets/events for the top and bottom buttons, and then direct the raise lower buttons as well. For example, my previous usage in hubitat was to toggle my bedside lamp with the top button. The bottom button toggled my wife’s bedside lamp. Raise and lower adjusted the brightness of my bedside lamp, and the middle button toggled another light. There is another pico blueprint available that allows the different assignments, but it doesn’t support press and hold like yours does for the dimming. Is that something you could do? It might be better as a separate blueprint as I’m sure many would like the simplicity of this one. I myself will use this one for many of my picos, but I’d like the additional options in some cases. In any case, thank you!

I took a look at the blueprint and decided to just make the modifications myself. I haven’t done blueprints before, but it was trivial given the excellent starting point from you. So no need to address my request unless you just want to for the sake of others. If you’d like my blueprint or would like me to publish it then let me know. Its your code really so I won’t do so unless you ask me too. Thanks again!

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The press and hold functionality must be tied to a specific entity or set of entities. What you are asking for is definitely doable, but I’d probably create a separate blueprint for it just to keep this one clean.