Another 'HomeAssistantCore.update' blocked from execution, system is not healthy issue

I’m running Home Assistant OS on a RPI3, I installed some time ago…i think HA was somewhere in the 0.40s at the time and was somewhat new.

I’m currently on HA 0.112.4 trying to update. Supervisor is 2020.12.2, but is blocking any updates, telling me I don’t have a proper OS installed, ha os info dumps:

board: null
boot: null
update_available: false
version: null
version_latest: null

Clicking “learn more” next to “You are running an unsupported installation.” reveals that it seems to think everything is broken:

cat /etc/os- release reveals:

NAME="Alpine Linux"
PRETTY_NAME="Alpine Linux v3.11"

Does anyone have any tips how I might go about solving this situation? I’ve read through a lot of similar threads but haven’t found anyone with the same circumstances or anything that’s helped…can’t really figure out how to attack this outside of buying a RPI4 and starting over, which I would be thrilled to avoid.

Thank you in advance!

This will show you what you need to address, and install. Alpine is not a supported OS, so you won’t get rid of the “unsupported” message.

You may be better off taking a snapshot of your current HA setup, backing up all your .yaml files for safe-keeping, and installing fresh. If you want to continue to use your Pi3 and want a supported install, you can either follow the official instructions to flash the HA OS image for your Pi, or this guide to install HA Supervised with Debian 10.

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Thank you very much for the quick informative reply.

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Well, just wanted to say, I figured as long as I was doing a restore I’d upgrade to a Pi4…I bought the kit, flashed the sd, loaded my snapshot into HA, and was up and running in under an hour where I left off. Huge kudos to HA, thank you for continuing to make it awesome!