Another lifting desk controller. (CB1-01)

tldr: I’ve quickly put together a control panel for a lifting desk and I still don’t know who manufactured it.

Some time ago I picked up a used frame of a lifting desk with broken electronics. Quick research revealed that it didn’t seem to be any of the known models that you can read about here for example Desky Standing Desk (ESPHome) [Works with Desky, Uplift, Jiecang, Assmann & others]

The problem was that the control panel didn’t turn on every time. In fact, you had to plug and unplug it a hundred times for it to finally come alive. Physically it seemed ok and I didn’t have enough expertise in electronics to investigate it further, so I connected a logic analyzer, managed to turn it on and recorded some bytes that I later used to put this project together. I’ve also sketched a case that can be 3D printed.

How to identify if you have the same model:

  • Check the pictures of the circuit boards that you can find in the git repository.
  • Most of the desks that I’ve read about used 9600 baud rate for the uart between the handset and the main controller. This one uses 57600.

The implementations is quick and dirty, but it kinda works. If there are more people with the same model, we could probably put some effort into improving it.

Github: GitHub - hello42world/ufo-desk

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