Another MQTT newb question

I’m trying to get a binary sensor state reported from a NodeMCU using ESPEasy 2.0. I’ve got the node set up and it seems to be reporting everything correctly, however state changes aren’t being picked up by home assistant. I’m using the embedded broker. This is my first attempt at MQTT, so I’m sure it’s something simple.

My node is configured like this:

My binary_sensors.yaml is like this:

I can tell from the node logs that it’s connecting to the broker successfully and state changes are being seen on the node itself.

What am I missing?

Make ABSOLUTELY sure the topics match exactly. Install the mosquito clients if they aren’t installed and run
mosquitto_sub -v -V mqttv311 -t "#"

After reading up on the documentation on the above command (needed to add my broker username and password), I was able to use it to figure out my problem. Thanks for the help!