Another noob question about what can be done and what can be done easily (Schlage zwave Locks)

Just installed Ubuntu server on an computer I had laying around. Ordered my ZWAVE USB Stick. Working on moving over from Smartthings once I get my stick. I’ve posed a lot of questions on Reddit over the past week or so, but thought I’d do better coming straight to the source.

Right now on smartthings, If I need to change a code, delete a code, etc. I can go right into my app on my phone and add the code. I can do other things in the app as well, such as set the code to work for a specific time frame only, or only on Mondays, etc. It’s pretty user friendly, and has a high WAF.

From my reading, i’m sure I can change codes, probably set them for time/days, etc, but can I do that when I’m away from home through an app, without having to code anything?

As I get closer to making the move, I keep remembering a few of the things that I don’t do all the time, but when I do it’s easy. Just wondering what the capabilities are for something like that.

I just got one of these locks and as a test (per your question) I was able to set a user code from the HA ui using the developers console by calling lock.set_usercode command with the appropriate parameters (node_id, code_slot, usercode). I verified in the OZW log and also by using the new code to unlock the door. I didn’t try deleting anything, but all the functionality is there.

The functionality is there but it’s not very user friendly. I currently have the problem below where I can’t pull existing codes or delete them. I can change them but not very easily.