Another Shelly +1 Connection Conundrum

I would like to make this switch edge and controlled by a Shelly in the nearby junction box.

I’ve got a switch for a standalone pull chain hacked in…

I’ve connected the Shelly and reconnected it… Here are a couple screen shots of the leads ready to go into the Shelly - I’ve tried them a couple different ways and the Shelly acts like there’s not even any power going into it… I tried another Shelly - the second one acts like it’s dead too… Any ideas (pictures from two different angles)… ?

What model shelly is it and how is it wired? I may be blind, but I can’t see the shelly in your pics.

The leads were there with the ferrules… but - never mind - it was a +1… After a long struggle I realized again I was stuck in a situation where there was no neutral here in this old home (as far as I can tell -) … so - pulled out my last spare Shelly 1L and fired it up - up and running in no time… (pic below)

(Yes I was too lazy to stick a ferrule on that other new wire from the pull chain switch - and had a very short one left over prepared already with a ferrule, so…!)

BTW now that the Shelly 1L’s are now discontinued - and that was my last spare - is Shelly coming up with a replacement (so I won’t be stuck replacing shally 1L’s with dimmer 2’s in silly places in the future)?