Another version of a Lovelace UI (Mine of course!)

Here’s my current dashboard (so far…). I’m running Home Assistant OS 5.13 on a RPi 4 4GB, set up to boot from and run on a USB-attached 120GB SSD drive.

I have included screenshots of my 3 main tabs:

Home tab

The center bottom section of this tab is a swipe card which contains the thermostat, 3 different weather views, and real-time data, history graphs, and usage summary from the energy monitor tab. A “multi-function display area” if you will…

Energy Monitor tab

The raw data for this tab comes from a couple of Shelly EM sensors, whose output I have broken out to a bunch of template sensors, gauges, and graphs.

Scheduled Events tab

Nothing too tricky here, just a bunch of scheduler cards to control various things.