ANPR modifiable "approved" plate list

I’ve setup ANPR with home assistant using plate recogniser to open our driveway gate when we arrive home. It’s working great and I have created sensors for both our cars that turn to true when our plates get returned as a match.

What would be really great is to have a card on my dashboard where I can input additional license plates and have that added to the “approved list” of license plates. I could then remove that plate from the list when no longer needed and manage it more easily.

Use cases would be:

  • Cleaner
  • Friends/family visiting
  • Delivery drivers

Anyone have any creative ideas on how to do this?


What do you use for your ANPR ?

I used Geo’s guide here - DIY Number Plate Recognition System with Home Assistant – Smart Home Makers

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Same one I use

I found you need to restart after adding other watched plates so probably not possible to add in the front end. Maybe post an issue here