Anthem MRX520 receiver not fully recognized

Hi there!

New to this forum and trying to set up home assistant (hass-io on rpi3). I have got most things set up and working however I have run into problems with my receiver which is a Anthem MRX-520.

I was following the instructions on here and updated my configuration.yaml file with the following:

  - platform: anthemav
    port: 14999
    name: Anthem

What works:
I can then from within hassio switch outputs and control volume or turn it on/off. If I turn off the receiver using my harmony remote it will switch state to being OFF.

The problem:
Once it is off. Hassio doesn’t recognize it if I turn the receiver on using my remote. Only using the power toggle from within hassio will make it turn the state on. However if I reboot hassio with the receiver on it will recognize it as ON.

Why doesn’t it recognize it powering on from remote?

The receiver has a fixed IP on my router so it’s always the same (the receiver itself has DHCP if that matters?). I have made sure standby IP control is on.

I saw that it’s using the python anthemav module, do I need to install this, I thought this was already on the system? Any other suggestions to what could be wrong?

Thanks in advance!

Wanted to try to bump this. It’s been more than a year. Various updates have come since then however the problem is still there. I talked to Anthem support but they say it’s not a problem on their end.

Hassio can see and control the anthem until it’s powered off, after that it will report OFF regardless if it’s turned on from my harmony remote. Only a reboot of hassio will allow for it to see the correct state again (until it’s turned off once more).

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Hello, Did you get this sorted? I have same issue with MRX 510.

I know I’m resurrecting the dead here, but I have this same issue. MRX 1140. Works fine once, then once it’s off, Homeassistant never recognizes it’s on again.