Anti-theft sensor for HA

I’m looking for a sensor that can attach to something such as bicycle so that when the object is moved, it will send out signal that can be processed by HA. I’m thinking of sensors that are using 433Mhz or Z-wave signal. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

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Not sure about your size requirements. But the go control door and window sensors allow for an optional binary trigger. Perhaps something like that would work.

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Hello ny bigfriend @masterkenobi you can use a tiltsensor with emissor 433mhz with a esp12, and connect them with a battery cell. Did you think that?

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I’m thinking of something like this

But instead of just siren from the unit, I’m hoping it would also send a 433mhz signal that can be captured by HA (via OpenMQTTGateway).

Hi @Rodolfo_Vieira. Is this a DIY solution? Do you know of any ready made 433mhz tilt sensor?

Hello, You could attach a ble beacon and check when the rssi decrease

I thought about that too but I believe it’s too late when the value decrease which means the bicycle has left the house. Or worse the beacon is removed from the bicycle and left at the same place.

what about a small door opening sensor ? You can attach one part to the bike and the other to the wall. It is small and has a very long battery life. The problem is the the bike should always be in the exact same position in order to make contact when you park it.
Those sensors send a RF signal that can be easily found with a nodemcu or something. And it is instantaneaous.

I have this one in my mailbox to notify me when I get mail. It works like a charm

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Hi friend. I dont have any tutorial about that.
But you can see this: after that with the help of community triy to adapt that with one emissor rf433.

Or the other solution is put a LDR on the bike and in your house put a laser. When the light is interrupted send the signal throught emissor 433mhz.

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those solutions would work, but would also require an enclosure, and battery. Plus you may encounter water leakage problems and so on… Not sure it would be very user-friendly.

Yes. You are right. I was just trying to help :slight_smile: