Antifurto365 iAlarm Control Panel

about the component, I can not understand what I get in home assistant: only the status of the alarm (disarmed, arm away, arm home) or could I also import the sensors to understand which zone is activated and make any other automations? (eg if that sensor is activated, switch on all the lights of that room)
even from the documentation I can not understand that…

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Interesting question.
I would like to receive an answer, as well

Hi Roberto, I reached the developer of the component. Currently Home Assistant receives the status of the alarm (disarmed, armed_home, armed_away) and, with the latest implementation, even if the alarm is in a state of trigger. He told me that technically it is possible to receive the status of individual sensors, but at the moment there is no development plan. if I can in the coming months I will provide support for this implementation, at the moment you can only view the status of the alarm (trigger, disarmed, armed_home, armed_away) and change it from Home Assistant (from one state to another).

Hi Andker,
It would be great if you can implement that feature.
Thank you