AntiVirus addon

Is there any antivirus addon for HA? or should we use a docker container for antivirus?

Really? :thinking: Snakeoil? :snake: Aren’t we over this already?

don’t need it for the HA itself, just need it for the rest of the devices on the network.

I can’t really see what an antivirus program should benefit.
HA only really download files from GitHub that can be used for infections. Pretty much all other files are generated by HA itself or by devices that should be deemed safe, like video and picture feeds from cameras or JSON/TXT/XML files from sites and devices.
GitHub is extremely hard to scan and the distribution is extremely fast from release to installation, so no antivirus will catch it anyway. The best a antivirus program can do is use heuristic scans and that would case a huge amount of false-positives instead.

Run an antivirus on the devices that store, share and install those files that can be used for infections.
You can’t scan a Zigbee, Z-Wave, Matter, ESPHome or many of the other devices, because you have no access to their file system.
NAS, Windows, MacOS and Linux desktops are the place for such programs.

since I am using HAOS on Homeassistant yellow as the main home server, that is why I was looking for AV addon. don’t want to of the proxmox route due to the hardware.
Obviously Zigbee, matter and esphome devices don’t requires scanning.

HAOS is really not meant as a NAS solution, if that is what you are doing, but even then it is mainly an issue of scanning the files on execution, which should be on the desktop machines.

that is why I am looking for an add-on not a integration.

I meant that HAOS with integrations AND addons are not designed for such setup.
HA already have a little issue with time skewing, so running heavy network traffic on it will consume both network bandwidth and use CPU to handle it.
If you then also add a heavy antivirus scanning to that, then you will see more time skewing.

You are also using a Home Assistant Yellow that is somewhat based on a Raspberry Pi.
These designs are often somewhat limited in the network throughput, so even though you have a 1Gb/s interface you might not get more than 300Mb/s from it in total and that is with a somewhat high CPU load added to it too, so the hardware is not made for that setup either.

If you want to use the Home Assistant Yellow as a home server, then let the desktops do the scanning instead.

time skewing on HA? never heard about before. any reports on it on forums or on discord?

There are main posts on it where automations do not start on time.

This on is just 3 days old.

that issue is due to time not being synced.

Time is synced at certain intervals in HA.
HA then tries to keep track of time and when the CPU load is high then that tracking is skewed.
This is what happend in the situation there and the solution is to run NTP service instead of using SNTP to sync time all the time to counter the time skewing.
Of course running a NTP service will require a little CPU and network resources too.