Any camera goes blank after 60s when using the DuckDNS and Nginx addon

The title says it all. I’ve struggled figuring out why the example from the docs ( work on one HA instance but not two others.

I have narrowed down the issue. Figured out that this effects ALL cameras (both and the map I have from my roborock vacuum). When looking at the image through the Developer Tools the image goes blank after 60s. The problem is that that the aspect ratio gets screwd so if you added the image to lovelace suddenly the layout changes.

I’ve used this guide/setup:

Steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Setup DuckDNS as above, not sure yet if the issue is tied to DuckDNS or Nginx
  2. Go to Developer Tools and find any camera and preview it
  3. Wait for at least 70seconds and the image turns white/dissapears.


I would appreciate any help in order to solve this and if anyone else can confirm this issue.

Edit: This issue is related to the lack of websocket support in the Nginx addon. I’ll try another addon later today that is supposed to handle the forwarding of websocket traffic.