Any Car HA Dashboard - Triggered by NFC Tag

Hello guys,

My home is full of custom dashboards for each room and now created something that’s very handy for the car.
The below simplistic car dashboard which will allow me to reach key stuff form my docked phone while driving such as navigating home/work locations which launch google maps URL and similarly to music applications such as tunein and youtube, the watch is very practical easier than the digital clock etc…
The Questions is: How to launch that dashboard just by scanning and NFC tag

I want to put an NFC tag on the phone holder/dock and it will opens home assistant companion app and i navigate opens a specific dashboard.

Currently I am currently forced to open home assistant app from my phone and this dashboard is set as the device default dashboard .

I dont wish to use tasker, I am currently having HA as my central automation hub
Once the above is accomplished, I have multiple future enhancements on the dashboard roadmap, for example:

  • Triggering this script once every minute to ensure this simplistic view is always visible instead of being distracted by other apps
  • Showing the commute time to work or home from maps API
  • Show different cards based on my device location, different items to show while am near my house/gym/work etc…
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any ideas?