Any complete and detail walktrough to secure Home Assistant with Letsencrypt?

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Hi everyone,

I am researching for instructions to setup SSL certificates to secure the remote access and setup Google assistant.

I looked at the official instructions, but it says that you need this and that, but it does not dig in detail each step.

One of you know a YouTube tutorial or step-by-step tutorial page? I am running the latest HAS in ducker mode. There are so many ways to run HAS and so many ways to configure it, that it is hard to find instructions for your specific configuration.

I tried the Google DNS and I was getting the error secret.json file not found. I think that I need to get this file from Google developer site, but where? Once I get the file with the correct host name in it, where do I put the file to allow the challenge working correctly?

Thanks for helping.

What do you run exactly? In the title you wrote (which was the old name of Home Assistant OS. You can find your installation_type under Configuration -> Info.

Don’t use Youtube or tutorials youbfind on Google, lots of them are outdated due to HA evolving extremly fast and may not work anymore.

It is very confusing with all those versions. I am using the latest version of Home Assistant on Raspberry PI 4 with the docker image.

Here’s an overview of the different install methods. As you can see, all of them use docker, except for Home Assistant Core in a venv.

What does it say under installation_type when you go to Configuration -> Info?

Thank you for the answer. Your link is not pointing to the correct information I think.

It says “installation_type Home Assistant OS”

Just scroll to the first post of the topic I linked, I’m sorry I accidentally sent the link to one of the replies.

Check out this excellent community guide that explains how to set up remote access for Home Assistant.