Any device Zigbee repeater?

I have read that a Zigbee device connected to a permanent power supply also works as a repeater. I have an IKEA lamp E27.
Is there any way to make this visible?
I work with RaspB PI, Home Assistant and for Zigbee I use Conbee II.

greetings Juergen

Generate a network map.

This is my network plan from deConz


Since there are lines from several devices through ‘Color temperature light 2’, you see it is a router.

OK, thanks for the info.
But the sensors then do not run via the repeater?
These are also near the lamp.

Presence 10 and 14 go through ‘Color temperature light 2’ and ‘Tradfri Fernbedienung’.
Bewegubngsmelder only through ‘Color temperature light 2’
The remaining connect to your coordinator.

ok, thanks for the help and info
Greetings Juergen